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The Adriatic Sea, as depicted in the maps of the 2nd half of the 4th century BC, looks as if it were part of the Mediterranean Sea. It was a vast sea with many ports and populated by many communities and had a unique basin defined by its many entrances that had several names. The geographical extension of the sea is the result of a long geological history that through the centuries showed an alternate physiognomy with a sea level near that of today. Another configuration shows the coastline was located further south: about 140 meters further south as compared to today.

The Trieste and Venetian gulfs receded at that time and the River Po flowed in the proximity of the city of Ancona. Proof of these landscape modifications through the centuries are the sediments found on the coastal flatlands, the ancient configurations formed by the sea and the archeological findings in old seaport structures, such as in piers and ponds that are now submerged. In Roman times the sea level was much lower (about 1.5- 2.0 meters) and this has been proven by the many remnants of ancient structures discovered under the sea, scattered along the oriental Adriatic coast, from Trieste to the Montenegro region.

(Thanx to the Museo of the Lagoon of Marano Lagunare - pictures by Francesco Leggio)

Mare Adriatico

The sceneries of the Lignano Sup Marathon

Adriatic Sea, Lagoon of Marano, Litoranea Veneta coastal canal, Tagliamento River


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