Garmin, the prestigious world leader in sport, hiking, outdoor experiences and sea accessories and equipment is confirmed as partner of the
Lignano Sup Marathon 2021, scheduled for May 30th.
The Garmin’s collaboration with the above mentioned event has been going on for several years in harmony with the Friulian sea City, which turns out to be the host particularly suited to water sports. Not only. Lignano has become an international point of reference for the Sup, both for events and for the practice of this exciting discipline that is carried out outdoor in the wonderful sceneries of sea, canals, lagoons and #rivers throughout the whole year; as well as for the nautical pleasure, (the Marinas of Lignano Sabbiadoro are among the most important in Europe), sailing, regattas, kitesurfing, windsurfing, winging, rowing, diving and much more. Activities which are carried out and monitored by the extraordinary and high-performing Garmin electronic equipment and services.
There will be surprises and special rewards offered by Garmin in Lignano Sup Marathon 2021… stay tuned
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