Mercuriali, Spadazzi, Comisso and MD Systems Team dominate the Lignano Sup Marathon 2020
Paddling the Marathon of Lignano for 23 km is a task only for the strongest athletes of the Stand Up Paddling which were present the last Satudary at the event organized by Tiliaventum, supported by the other local sport associations. An extreme challenge with a route comprising the counterclockwise circumnavigation of the Lignano peninsula: starting from the beach on the way to the sea, along the coast, entering then in the peaceful lagoon, facing the currents of the channel of the venetian coast and the mouth of Tagliamento river, and again to the open sea in order to get to the longed arrival.
A challenge opened also to different human-powered vessels employing a paddle/oar, so that to see the participation of the canoe champion Eros Comisso, which has defeated everyone by stopping the clock at 2 hours and 5 minutes. For what concern the SUP, an affirmation for the champion of the world ranking list Filippo Mercuriali (2hours 22minutes – single racer category), Mercuriali was followed by Alessandro Sapigni, Michele Capizzi and first woman Sara Spadazzi (less than 3 hours in the single racer women category) then was the turn of the German Marion Rappl, in the senior over 50 in an all-german podium with Arnold Dunzinger followed by Rudolf Haverkamp e Manfred Hocher.
Within the relay category excelled the MD Systems team with 2 racers: the locals Toso-Ionico which were followed by the Austrians Pacher-Shiller and Patti-Sanson. Within the category All-Round boards there were Crivellari-Crivellary (2 racers category), MD Systems Sup Team (Cavalli, Delle Vedove, Susanna, Strisino) (4 racers category), Memento Audere Semper (5 racers); within the category All-Round Single the 1st place foes to Giuseppe Monaco, followed by Pavlo Horiarchy and Sandro Lotti.
It has been a sunny day to be framed for the participants coming from Austria, Germany, Italy, Ukraine and Slovenia which helped to confirm the sporting vocation of this city and in particular for the sea sports in this fragile period due to the well-known healthy situation which constrained the organizers to adopt all the necessary measures and to change the group start to a single start for every participant each 10 seconds, which, however, even though it has limited the scenographic spectacularity of the moment, it has nonetheless permitted the regular running of the race.
After the race followed party and award ceremony with the presence of the Vice Mayor Marosa, the Councilor for Tourism Brini and the Commander of the Port Authority Porcelli, followed by the spaghettata for all in the formidable and friendly location provided by LiSaGest in Sabbiadoro and the goodbye until the Lignano Sup Marathon 2021 on which the organizers are already working in order to welcome also the international champions who were not able to be present this year due to the travel constraints.
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